AIOP All In One Profits Review

If you are reading this review you have probably heard of the company All In One Profits, otherwise known as and referred to as AIOP.

This review will take a look at the products and services that AIOP provides to its customers as well as the income opportunity associated with being an affiliate of AIOP.


Name: All In One Profits (AIOP).

Owner/s: Isabela Alexanian and Johan van Geffen.


Price: $11.50 per month for the standard subscription.

My Rating: 8/10.

What Is All In One Profits

All In One Profits (AIOP) is a platform that offers a complete (all in one) product and service suite designed to meet the needs of any internet marketer or affiliate marketer.

The concept behind All In One Profits (AIOP) is that it can be used as a central business hub that performs or allows an internet marketer to perform everything required to market and grow their business online. The idea is that you will not need any other product, service, tool or software to build and run a business online, AIOP does it all and it does it all in one place for the relatively low cost of $11.50 per month.

There is a “Pro” upgrade level that provides additional products / services which costs a little over $20 per month.

The Products – What You Get

  • Premium web hosting: including 500MB disk space, 5GB disk bandwidth, flexible and easy to use control panel, unlimited emails, host unlimited domains, fantastico scripts, unlimited MySQL databases, and all with a 99.9% up time guarantee.
  • Email Auto- Responder: user friendly, double opt in, unlimited campaigns, unlimited auto- responders, unlimited follow ups, unlimited subscribers, a how to video, easy and legal unsubscribe links, strictly privacy compliant, anti spam compliant, active campaign manager, one click broad cast function, 99.99% email delivery rates, split test add and remove, email tracking and un- deliverable email tracking, edit email variables and HTML forms, download and export your lists, save your sign up forms, fully editable, full customization, text and html editor as well as some really cool email templates.
  • Splash / Squeeze Page Maker: Make and save unlimited splash and capture pages, video pages templates available, awesome graphics, professional templates, add images, text, videos, html forms, full customization and 3rd party autoresponder integration if required.
  • Link Tracker: Advanced link tracker, shorten your links, traffic statistics, geo- location, source statistics, quick share social sites features, direct vs referrer traffic stats and CTR referrer traffic stats.
  • Link Rotator: Promote multiple URLs with a single link with NO frame breakers and NO pop ups.
  • Down- line Builder: Build you list in multiple programs from within your AIOP back office, add your own programs to the down- line builder.
  • Advertising: Promote any program you want with unlimited text and banner ads to be displayed within the AIOP back office of ALL users. Upgraded Pro users receive 3 text and 3 banner slots instead of 1.
  • AIOP E-Library: Hundreds of premium ebooks, training videos and templates on almost anything you can imagine within the Internet Marketing niche.

And all of that is included in the standard level of membership at All In One Profits for the relatively low cost of $11.50.

Pro Level Membership includes all of the above plus a ton of premium products and services which are detailed here:

This chart shows a good comparison of the products and services provided with each membership level:

Using All In One Profits – For The Products and Services

All In One Profits (AIOP) has a product suite that allows you to do absolutely everything, set up and perform every task for every aspect of your business all from the one back office or control hub.

It is NOT automatic!

But it is All in One place and it is very cheap for what you are provided.

All In One Profits can be used to successfully set up every aspect of any online business. It can be used to build websites, splash pages, track advertising, build and manage marketing teams, promote affiliate products, build lists of leads and prospects and quite a bit more.

Another feature of All In One Profits is the “Ready Made Campaigns” feature that allows a user to set up a complete advertising and business campaign that can be DUPLICATED by anyone else. The copy campaign feature at AIOP is one of the best out there allowing you to share the ad pages, auto responder series and more with anyone else that is a member of AIOP. It also allows for coding within the email series so that when another user copies your campaign any affiliate links of yours can be replaced with their own links, this is applicable to branding their name and other info as well.

Using All In One Profits – For The Income Opportunity

Before reading my view of the compensation plan for affiliates of All In One Profits I suggest you watch the company endorsed overview found here:

The compensation plan at All In One Profits claims to reward affiliates with 100% commissions on their referrals.

This is NOT accurate.

All In One Profits costs $11.50 (USD) for the standard membership and pays $10 (USD) in commissions. They state that the standard membership costs $10 (USD) with an admin or transaction fee of $1.50 (USD). That is all well and good, however it must be noted that an affiliate earning $10 (USD) from every sale that costs the purchase $11.50 (USD) is not the same as an affiliate earning 100% commissions.

I think All In One Profits is a brilliant suite of products and I believe the compensation plan is awesome!

But I had to get that off my chest, it is NOT 100% commissions no matter how it is spun.

The All In One Profits compensation plan involves passing up every even (2,4,6,8 etc) referral to your sponsor. So effectively you are only paid a commission on every second person you refer that makes a purchase from All In One Profits.

However, that can be an extremely powerful aspect to the compensation plan and if planned for in advance this aspect can actually significantly increase potential earnings with All In One Profits.

You pass up every second sale to your sponsor BUT all of your referrals will be doing the same for you.

This makes duplication crucial to any affiliate’s success when building a residual income with All In One Profits. If your referrals can duplicate your success it will increase your income astronomically.

But if your referrals are unable to duplicate your success they are likely to discontinue their monthly subscription at some point unless they are actively using the products to promote an independent business.

So if you plan on building a monthly income with All In One Profits you will need to plan for and focus on one of two things:

  1. Making affiliate sales to people or businesses who have a genuine need and use for the products offered; or
  2. Ensuring that ALL of your referrals at All In One Profits are able to easily and effectively duplicate your results.

Pros and Cons


  • Great products with real utility and value;
  • Relatively very low cost;
  • Great compensation plan for affiliates;
  • Everything under one roof / in one back office;
  • Duplication features;


  • Imperfect written English makes some tutorials and instructions a little difficult to read and implement;
  • Tiny white lie about the 100% commissions

My Verdict

All In One Profits is a product suite with tangible value and utility.

The platform is affordable and provides everything needed in the one back office to allow affiliate marketers of any product or service (or AIOP itself) to manage their marketing business efficiently.

All In One Products is NOT a scam and as a member at the time of writing I have been paid numerous times via my Solid Trust Pay account and you can see exactly how much in the screen shot below:

As of February 2020

Assuming that as a savvy marketer you are able to effectively set up duplication methods using your AIOP products there is no reason why someone could not make a significant monthly income with All In One Profits, whether promoting AIOP alone or using AIOP to promote any other product or service.

I Recommend All In One Profits.

If you are interested in using the tools please take the time to find out more about All In One Profits by clicking here:

If you are interested in using All In One Profits purely to build a residual income with the AIOP compensation plan please take the time to review our marketing team build for All In One Profits here:

If you really want to build a huge monthly residual income online using AIOP you can download a free copy of my re- brandable eBook here: 90 Minute Residuals.

Thanks for reading.

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